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Software and Options

Emmaus & Tres Dias Database

Team Selection Committee.

IHS capabilities include the maintenance of service information for all Members. This information coupled with powerful filtering capabilities provide valuable tools for the team selection committee.

Mailings Committee

IHS will provide downloadable name and address and /or name and e-mail address data for mailing and e-mailing notices and newsletters to members.

Lay Directors

Contact information is available to help the Lay director complete his / her team.  Pilgrim reports let the Lay Director know and pray for the pilgrims by name and to understand their medical and physical handicaps early in the walk cycle.

Spiritual Directors

Contact information is available to help the Spiritual Director complete his / her team.

Community Spiritual Director

A special Spiritual Director’s Report provides the Community Spiritual with each pilgrim’s name, and the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the pilgrim’s pastor.  This information will help   him / her contact the pastors at the completion of a walk.

Members of the Board of Directors

The Community Board of Directors will always need information about their Emmaus Community.  IHS is there to answer their questions about an applicant, the sponsor, a member, a church, volunteers, or any of the many questions that arise in the conduct of The Walk to Emmaus.


IHS helps members keep in touch with the community.  Members who have e-mail addresses that are known to IHS can have access to their records to make corrections and or to update their address, phone number and other information.

Reunion Groups

IHS helps members with which Reunion Groups that are available in there area or if they need to start a new one. Also making it availble to pilgrims with contact information.